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Will Your Business Pass Our 57-minute Assessment?

Would your business pass or fail our 57-minute data security challenge?

Give one of our team members 57 minutes to check a few of your computers… and if NOTHING is found wrong, I’ll give $157 to the charity of your choice!

Yes you can run a stopwatch. Or set a timer on your phone. Our team isn't scared of working against the clock.

Because I’m confident enough that We'll find something wrong with the data security in your business in less than an hour, that I’ll stake my own money on it.

Keeping our clients’ data safe is our company's priority, and it’s certainly a busy job.

Cyber criminals get smarter every day. They use automated tools to target all businesses, all the time. They just need one tiny opportunity to get in… and from there they can either steal your data, or lock it away and demand a big ransom fee (yes this is real – Google “ransomware”).

We've discovered over the years that even in the face of constant attacks from well-resourced cybercriminals, some businesses don’t help themselves in any way.

There are many worse things we can discuss over a coffee. And here’s the thing – if you don’t have anything like this happening in your office, then you’re the exception to the rule.

It gives me no pleasure at all to find a security snafu in just minutes in most workplaces. In fact, when it's found, it makes me feel sick inside – as I know the business has effectively thrown its doors wide open to cyber criminals… without realizing it.

That’s why I’m making this offer to you today.

Let’s talk it over first. Join me on a 15-minute video call to say hello. There’s no commitment to buy or do anything. It’s just a conversation.

Here's what Computer Solutions can do for your business

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