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IT Services

In these times of economic downturn, business owners are looking for every way to save money.  Now is the optimum time to outsource your IT services.  We have the solution.  Let us be your IT staff! Whether it is an hour or so, or a regularly scheduled visit, we have the expertise to integrate our services with your business.  With our IT Staff service, you have all the benefits of having a IT person - or a whole department on staff - but without the cost!

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Network installation, maintenance, and management

  • Network security

  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

  • Server installation, setup, and management

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Remote repair service

  • On-site repair service

  • Hardware and software maintenance

  • PC/network deployment

  • Small and large-scale IT deployments

  • Web design and hosting

  • and many, many more!

We're not just limited to our local area; we have a nation-wide network of technicians that are available for any on-site issue that arises.  Contact us today to find out how we can be your IT department!

From removing spyware and viruses to new equipment roll-outs, we are here to allow you to concentrate on your business - not on IT issues!

Our clients include the following:

  • National Department Stores

  • National and Local Pharmacies

  • Physician Offices

  • Real Estate Offices

  • National and Local Manufacturing Facilities/Factories

  • Restaurants

  • Attorneys

  • State and Local Government Agencies

  • Defense Contractors

  • Video Stores

  • Small Office/Home Offices (SOHO)

  • Insurance Agencies

  • National and Local Grocery Stores

  • Public Schools

  • Universities

  • Automobile Dealerships

  • Churches and Religious Groups

  • Veterans Organizations

  • Home Users

  • and many more!

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